Wyatt Wood Music

Music Producer | Live Acoustic Musician


Wyatt Wood started as an aspiring musician over 20 years ago. After years of working hard in groups of musicians he decided to branch out and become a solo acoustic artist. He writes and produces his own music while learning various cover songs that range from the mid 80’s to the present. Listeners enjoy the throw-back to some of their most memorable songs.

Wyatt graduated from Full Sail University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Music Production. While in school he earned the Music Theory II Course Director’s Award for excelling in Music Theory. After graduating he started composing music for film, TV, video games, and web.

Currently Wyatt plays around the area as an acoustic cover artist and includes a few of his original songs too. He is in the process of recording his originals and will be releasing them throughout 2017.

Wyatt is available for hire for a large variety of festivals, weddings, and live entertainment.

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Wyatt Wood has been working with Current Attractions since July 2015. We have been able to schedule Wyatt in many of the venues that we work with i.e. CDA Casino Chinook Lounge, Crafted Taphouse, Fedora Bar & Grill to name a few. Wyatt is always on time, conducts himself in a professional manner, and gets good reviews from staff and management. We look forward to working with Wyatt in the years to come.
— Gary Schultze - CEO Current Attraction Entertainment Consultants
My wife and I walked into a local brewpub recently where Wyatt Wood was performing and were immediately inclined to sit down and stay a while due to the welcoming nature of Mr. Wood’s sound. We sat for over an hour enjoying his music with our drinks and my company is confident in his ability to serve our clients because of this, and because of the fine reviews he is receiving everywhere that I’ve booked him.
— Daniel Hall - Owner Inland Talent